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How do I create a profile?

It's easy! You just have to go to and fill out the form. X-Matcher is free and confidential. We won't ask you for any type of payment or personal information.

Is X-Matcher really free?

Yep! X-Matcher is 100% free.

Why do some providers never answer my private messages?

X-Matcher is a new concept, a lot of escorts come to put their ad but forget to come back to check their notification or messages. Give the provider a reasonable amount of time to answer or try contacting them by phone if you have no answer.

Just like any other escort oriented website, X-Matcher does its best to take down false or old profiles. If you think a profile is no longer in service or is false/misleading, please report it to us so we can take it down and report it to the appropriate authorities.

Who can see my profile?

If you are a gentleman looking to meet escorts, our system will allow only escorts to see you profile. If you are an escort looking to meet customers, only customers will be able to see your profile. Customers can't see each other and other users will never be able to see your profile.

If I need help, where can I get support?

Our team is always happy to help you. You can reach us by visiting Please allow 48 to 72 hours for our team to reply.

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